The NYC Volunteer Expos was run by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Community Benefit Fund whose mission was to support the local non-profit communities in Manhattan.  By hosting these volunteer recruitment expos throughout Manhattan, they helped to drive new volunteers to small and mid-sized non-profits who might not get the visibility and funding larger organizations garner. They encouraged youth, residents and business owners alike to volunteer in their local communities. 

The website is no longer active, this website is only for informational purposes only.

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They increased the exposure for these organizations representing a wide range of social services and the arts, and provide New Yorkers a one-on-one opportunity to explore the volunteer needs that were in their local communities. With hard-to-come-by funding for many of these smaller organizations, volunteers are crucial to helping them fulfill their mission!

The 2005, 2006 and 2007 Volunteer Expos attracted over 3,000 new volunteers to nearly 200 non-profit entities. A number of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce members and non-profit leaders from the Steering Committee that organizes the events and helps to attract sponsorship monies from foundations and corporations to support the efforts.

Details of the event and photos from the 2006 event held at Gotham Hall. In 2007, we organized two locally based Volunteer Recruitment Expos in Manhattan.  They will continue to plan expos in local neighborhoods going forward.

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Their last support was too volunteer in going to TimeBank, a community based volunteer program run in NYC by the Visiting Nurse Services of New York. A TimeBank is a community-building tool that rewards decency, caring, and concern for the community. It’s a way for people to use their skills, share their passions, meet their neighbors and lend a helping hand! And it’s completely flexible: members contribute what they want, when they want and with whom they want at the neighborhood level.  We encourage all those looking for volunteer opportunities to join (it is free) and support their local communities.

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"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart".....

Elizabeth Andrews

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